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About our Partners
Ngā Whāinga

TupuToa Partners are corporate, community and public sector organisations committed to maximising Māori and Pacific potential.

A quarter of Aotearoa’s population is comprised of Māori and Pacific yet Māori and Pacific are not proportionately represented in corporate workplaces. This becomes more pronounced in senior leadership.

Our economic and social prosperity requires the development of a new generation of Māori and Pacific business leaders who are culturally intelligent, innovative and internationally connected.

Organisations recognise this but efforts to increase representation have been largely unsuccessful; in fact, only 17% of corporates see their Māori and Pacific pipeline efforts as achieving the desired outcome.

Why partner with TupuToa

You are impacting the lives our tauira and future leaders and improving the outcomes of our wider Māori and Pacific communities.

You will have greater access to an emerging talent pool of young Māori and Pacific graduates aligned to your organisation’s needs.

You have an opportunity to develop your own cultural capability. We provide wraparound support and training for managers e.g. Manager’s Cultural Competency Workshops and ad hoc cultural support services.

We are direct and tangible value for your diversity and inclusion strategy. Our pipeline is also cost effective. Avoid the cost of an in-house programme and enjoy the benefits of increased Māori and Pacific representation in your organisation without the outlay.

You will belong to a community of learning in which knowledge, insights and inspiration are freely shared.

Partnership levels
Ngā reanga tautoko

There are several levels and ways in which partners can engage with TupuToa to help grow Māori and Pacific leaders for a greater Aotearoa, while meeting their own organisational objectives.

Principal Partner

The highest level of partnership, TupuToa Principal Partners are generally large organisations with several internship and employment opportunities available. They are strongly committed to diversity and inclusion strategies and often have dedicated personnel for these initiatives. A Principal Partner contributes $60k/ per year plus in kind for 3 years (3yr renewable contract); pipeline up to 30 interns/graduates within a period of 3 years.

Major Partner

TupuToa Major Partners have many internship and employment opportunities available, their commitment is $30k/per year plus in kind for 3 years (3yr renewable contract); pipeline up to 15 interns/graduates within a period of 3 years.

Support Partner

TupuToa Support Partners contribute $18k/per year plus in kind for 3 years (3yr renewable contract); pipeline up to 9 interns/graduates within a period of 3 years.

Scholarship Partner

TupuToa Scholarship Partners have smaller workforce needs and may contribute services in-kind or equates to $7k/ per intern / graduate multiplied by the number of interns/grads you wish to pipeline in any one year; 12 month renewable contract.

Government, Community and Philanthropic Partners

Government, Community and Philanthropic organisations contributed to the development of the internship programme over its first three years, and/or continue to support us as we  expand our initiatives and reach with services in-kind.

Iwi Partners

We work closely with our Māori and Pacific communities. Our kaupapa Māori is strengthened by important partnerships with tangata whenua and iwi across Aotearoa.


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