Our Alumni

Tauira o mua

TOA: TupuToa Alumni
A community of Māori and Pacific professionals

Toa: courage or courageous; the strongest tree found in the Pacific – casuarina equisetifolia, the ironwood tree; a warrior or a hero; brave, bold and courageous.

TOA’s purpose is to continue to offer personal and professional development pathways and opportunities to TupuToa alumni with a focus on early career development for those who are starting off their careers in the workforce.

TOA aims to promote and provide avenues to connect and engage with TupuToa alumni and also give back to the communities that they represent. With leadership being a major factor in necessary change, TOA will showcase and help build the leaders for a better Aotearoa.

TupuToa Alumni

Total number of past TupuToa interns

Conversion rate to Full-Time Employment

For interns eligible for graduate roles i.e. completed tertiary study

Partner Network

Total number of TupuToa partners

What are the benefits of TOA?

• Alumni rates to TupuToa events and conferences

• Invitations to networking events

• Access to personal and professional development programmes

• Opportunities to experience and intern overseas

• Staying connected to a growing network of Māori and Pacific professionals shaping a greater and more inclusive Aotearoa.

• Connection to a partner network of over 130 companies and organisations in both the public and private sector



Who qualifies to be part of TOA?

Anyone who has completed at least one internship round with TupuToa is a member of TOA.


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