Our Partners

Ngā Hoa Kaipakihi

Principal Partner

The highest level of partnership, TupuToa Principal Partners are generally large organisations with several internship and employment opportunities available. They are strongly committed to diversity and inclusion strategies and often have dedicated personnel for these initiatives. A Principal Partner contributes $60,000 a year over 3 years ($180,000 in total) for 30 interns/graduates over the 3 year period (usually 10interns/graduates per year but this can be discussed based on annual needs).

Major Partner

TupuToa Major Partners have many internship and employment opportunities available, their commitment is $30,000/year over 3 years, $90,000 in total. They take on 5 interns/graduates per year, 15 in total.

Support Partner

TupuToa Support Partners contribute $18,000 per year, over 3 years; $54,000 in total. They take on 3 interns/graduates per year, 9 in total.

Scholarship Partner

TupuToa Scholarship Partners have smaller workforce needs and may contribute services in-kind or $7,000 per intern/graduate they take on. Often they will employ 1-2 interns/graduates per year and this number is negotiable.

Iwi Partner

We work closely with our Māori and Pacific communities. Our kaupapa Māori is strengthened by important partnerships with tangata whenua and iwi across Aotearoa.

Global Alliance

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